Wealth Builders Masterclass
How YOU can create multiple streams of passive income from business AND property
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25th May 2018
The Village Hotel Leeds North, 186 Otley Road, Leeds, LS16 5PR
Spend a day with Stuart Wright to learn how to transform your business into a profitable enterprise that works without you.

Whether you’re looking to the future to plan for your own retirement, or even further and planning for the financial future of your children and your children’s children, this one day event will help you set clear goals of what you need to achieve, and how you will achieve them.

This one day event will cover:
  •  Session 1: Make your business work so you don't have to
  •  Session 2: How to make more cash than you need
  • Session 3: Creating your financial freedom
Over the past twenty years Stuart has created financial freedom by successfully building four separate businesses that operate without him. Two which he has now sold and two which create healthy six figures profits and double digit growth, without him working within them.

As a world class trainer and coach Stuart educates people how to create financial freedom for themselves in the business and property fields. He understands that 80% of an investors world is getting the right mindset in place and then learning the key points of distinction and committing to mastery will take you to financial freedom.

Over 10,000 will sign up to attend Stuart’s training events this year.
Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!
This is exactly how I achieved my success, and I invite you to learn the same way I did! When reaching a plateau with my first business, I spent a lot of time, money and effort trying to move past this. Eventually, I realised that a master seeks the help of others who have already been down the same path.
Learn how to increase sales and profits.
Create an amazing team!
Get more free time.
Stuart Wright
P.S. : If you have a physical ticket for the event, you still need to register online to attend the event.
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