Make your business work,
so you don't have to
because you deserve the 7 day weekend
Upcoming dates:
- 31/07/18 - The Hilton Hotel, Leeds - 9am to 12pm
- 17/08/18 - Rudding Park Hotel - 9am to 12pm
- 11/09/18 - The York Marriott Hotel, York - 9am to 12pm
Cost: Free

Every business owners starts their business because they love what they do.
Most business owners are never taught or shown how to actually run a business, and in the first 5 years, 80% of businesses fail, or the owner gives up.

Some business owners have discovered how to build a profitable enterprise that runs and grows without them!
Every time we run one of these events, people are looking to learn how to achieve 1 of 3 things.
  •  Earn more money
  • Work less hours
  •  Build better teams
And the great news is, that's exactly what these seminars are designed to show you.
Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!
This is exactly how I achieved my success, and I invite you to learn the same way I did! When reaching a plateau with my first business, I spent a lot of time, money and effort trying to move past this. Eventually, I realised that a master seeks the help of others who have already been down the same path.
   Earn a passive income.
 Spend more time doing the things you love.
Take your business to the next level.
Success Stories
David Massey - David Massey Garden Construction
“Like most businesses, I was good at the job I do, but probably not actually that good at running a business; the financial side, the marketing, learning that through Stuart has really taken the business forward.”
Success Stories
Eleanor & Glyn Goddard - Furnish & Fettle
“The changes are phenomenal, we’ve started looking at things that we weren’t even considering; putting systems in place, looking at our numbers, we’ve started measuring things, but more importantly, starting to look at our team.”
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Stuart Wright
P.S. : If there are any specific topics you would like covered at the event, please don't hesitate to let me or a member of my team know!
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